environmental art exhibit 10.17.2019

I visited the Natural Path Sanctuary last week to view their current outdoor art exhibit, titled “Earth Dance 2019.” This is the fourth year that area artists have created installations in the woods, using only materials that can safely decompose back into the land. I saw the 2017 exhibit and wrote about it in this post. This year’s exhibit was just as delightful.

This mandala was set up just outside the woods, and already starting to rearrange and decompose.
These sticks were wrapped with colored yarn or twine and set up inside a hollow log.
Sticks and twigs were woven together between two large branches.
This was part of the same display as the woven sticks. Here, vine wreaths and feathers were hung from branches, all moving, blowing and rustling in the breeze. Beautiful and calming.
Another piece with more hanging parts.
Photos of bark displayed on real bark.
And yet another piece with hanging parts. It’s a great venue for this!
Closeup of part of this display.
And another closeup. I loved the weaving this artist used to attach fabrics.
This was so calming to stand beneath and watch as the breeze gently blew the piece.
Here’s a beautiful old oak tree. A real piece of nature art!

The Earth Dance 2019 exhibit will be up for public view until November 2, 2019. Visit the Natural Path Sanctuary anytime from sun-up to sun-down and take a walk through the woods. You can find it just off Highway 151, at 2299 Spring Rose Road in Verona, Wisconsin. 


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