#81-100 self portraits 7.11.2019

Here’s another post about my 100-day self portrait project. I’ve completed the 100 days, so this post includes self portraits 81 through 100. You can find the first 80 in these posts:

#1-16: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/04/18/1-16-self-portraits-4-18-2019/

# 17-34: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/05/09/17-self-portraits-5-9-2019/

# 35-50: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/05/23/35-50-self-portraits-5-23-2019/

# 51-65: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/06/06/51-65-self-portraits-6-6-2019/

#66-80: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/06/20/66-80-self-portraits-6-20-2019/

You can also find them all on my Instagram stories.


On the 82nd day of this series, I learned that my son had died unexpectedly. You can see that I stopped captioning or describing each photo. And I was working ahead a few days, so those first few drawings after I learned this tragic news seem ‘normal.’ But on day 86, I turned into grief mode. These were mainly created with oil stick and china markers, and I drew and colored with an urgent intensity. I’m still drawing this way. I think it’s one way to work through my grief. The final piece, a watercolor, is one that’s been in progress for awhile.

I’ll write more about what I learned from this 100-day practice in a future blog post.


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