self portrait in clay 5.30.2019

This spring, in the hand-building and sculpture class I took at the local community college, I made a bust. I tried to shape the face to look like me, and don’t think I was very successful, but I still love how she turned out! Here are pics of the process and final sculpture.

This is at the very beginning stage. I had to write “FRONT” on the front side to lessen confusion.
Beginning to work out the face details. I left the top of the skull open in order to access facial features from the inside.
I thought I was done at this point, but the hairless head made it too alien-like.
First stage of adding hair.
Hair completed, and yours truly adding the final details.
Here she is after her final firing. I decided not to glaze her because I love the natural red color of this earthenware clay when it’s fired, and I also didn’t want glaze to cover up any details.
Another view.
Here she is, in her new home at my art table. She makes a great cowgirl hat holder, too!

2 thoughts on “self portrait in clay 5.30.2019

    1. Thanks Anthony! I didn’t want her face to be straight on from her shoulders. I wanted her to be looking to the side a bit. Also, I meant for her to be serious… with a contemplative or thoughtful feel. I’m glad she speaks to you!


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