recent watercolors 4.11.2019

I meet with a friend each month and we paint together. After taking a watercolor class last summer, we agreed that we wanted to continue painting. We weren’t sure that we’d have the self motivation to paint on our own, so this monthly co-painting session keeps us painting! These three paintings are all from those sessions.

This painting of a male cardinal turned out pretty well. I love the background and the snow-covered berries. His head and feathers and tail turned out nicely, but his big round red body doesn’t look quite right.

This female cardinal painting is great, but the birch tree isn’t good, and I’ve worked on the tree branch a lot more than the bird, and don’t want to OVER work it, so I’ll leave it as is.

Each time my friend and I meet, we come up with an idea for the next month’s painting session. That gives us time to figure out our idea and get it sketched out on the paper. For this session, the idea was “an animal its natural habitat.” And both of us, without discussing beforehand, chose to paint a cat on a bed! I absolutely love everything about this painting EXCEPT the cat. I love the off-kilter perspective and the flatness of the color. But the cat doesn’t look right – perhaps because it’s not painted in a flat wash of color.

Thanks for reading! And looking:)


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