hanging planters 3.14.2019

I’m in the process of making about half a dozen hanging planters. I thought this would be a great way to combine two of my favorite things: clay and plants!

Above are two process shots: when I first threw the pots on the wheel, and just after I trimmed them and punched out three holes near the edge of each pot. I used red clay because I knew I was going to leave the top edge – or the edge where the holes are – bare clay, and red clay is pretty when it’s fired without glaze.

Here are three of the pots after glazing and firing. I selected a bronze, a matte white, and a matte black for glaze colors.

Here are my macrame supplies.

Above are closeups of a couple of the knots I used – a square knot on the left, and a half square knot on the right. Repeated half square knots create a twist. I haven’t macramed in years, but checked out a couple books from the library and it was easy to recall the process.

Above is a closeup where you can see how I wrapped the jute around an s-hook, then tied it off with a wrap. Plus, you can see the pretty red clay!

And finally, three action shots of the macrame holder and pot displaying a pothos šŸ™‚


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