winter color fun 2.21.2019

In Wisconsin, this January and February brought some very cold temps and a LOT of snow! I try to take a daily walk, but sometimes icy sidewalks and frigid temps have kept me home bound. To help get me outside on the worst days – at least out into my own yard – I made some frozen blocks of color and decorated my winter garden.

First I dug out metal and plastic containers – baking pans, plastic tubs, yogurt containers, and other leftover containers. Then I added water and food coloring.

I set all the containers on my back porch to freeze.

Once they were completely frozen, I popped the ice out and set the pieces up in the snow. Some of the ice broke apart as I loosened it from the pans and I used those broken pieces as toppers for others.

To attach the pieces together, I brought out a pitcher of water. I poured a little water on each piece, then held the pieces together briefly while the water froze and acted as a glue.

It turned out to be a beautiful ice garden!

Plus, I got pretty colored fingers:)


One thought on “winter color fun 2.21.2019

  1. Rachel, your winter sculptures are delightful—and I’m certain your neighbors have been cheered by them as well. You’re an inspiration during this l-o-n-g winter!


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