art quote – Sixx 11.8.2018

“There’s two things to think about here. We’re talking about sobriety and creativity and how they intertwine, but we’re also talking about using your creativity as a way to feel fulfilled. I can go to my room and work on art and feel fulfilled. I don’t care if you want to knit or tap dance or your side gig is that you’re in a death metal band but your real gig is you’re a computer analyst—it doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want, it’s just about scratching that creative itch. Also, your creativity doesn’t need to make you money. If it makes you money eventually, that’s a great bonus, but that shouldn’t be the fuel for your creative impulse. Make money from your day job, then be creative because it makes you feel good. I always tell people, don’t worry about everything making money so much. Worry about how it feels.”

Nicki Sixx, Musician, Writer, Photographer,

From a conversation with T. Cole Rachel
April 22, 2018 on

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