female head planter 11.1.2018

I’m in the process of creating a large garden planter in the shape of a female head. I’ve seen several created by other makers, and thought one of these would look great in my garden!


I started off by throwing two cylinder shapes on the wheel. The taller pot on the left has no bottom – it will form the neck of the female head.


I turned the shorter, rounder cylinder upside down and put it on top of the higher, thinner cylinder at a slight angle. Then I added a roll of clay inside and out to attach the two cylinders of clay together at the neck. In this photo, you can see I’ve added more clay to the top of the head, and started to ever so slightly form the top cylinder into more of a head-like shape.


Here I’ve added even more clay to the top because I decided the top wasn’t big enough for a garden planter. The cheek areas have been pushed out, the eye areas have been pushed in, and rolls and balls of clay have been added to begin defining the facial features.


The extra pieces of clay have been pushed and prodded and rubbed and shaped into more realistic facial features.


This view is straight down from the top, showing drainage holes.


Even more clay was added to the top to make the planter more even, so that dirt doesn’t fall out at the back. I added a bit of hair design, even though I hope the plant I put inside of her head will trail over the outside, so that the plant looks like her hair;)


Here’s a closeup view of her face. She’s waiting to be bisque and glaze fired right now. I’ll post the finished piece when she’s out of the kiln.


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