4-year review 10.4.2018

This blog turned 4 years old this week:) I wrote a 3-year review post last year, and an 18-month review in 2016.

Today, four years after I first started writing this blog:

  • I practice art – ceramics or painting – almost daily. This summer, I took a beginning watercolor class, and now have a table set up in my home where it’s easy to pick up where I left off on several in-progress watercolors.
  • I’ve upped my yoga practice to a daily habit this year. I wrote about this practice back in September, when I’d accomplished 200 days of yoga.
  • I continue to blog every one to two weeks.
  • In the last couple of years, I’ve started to add reviews of books about artists on this blog. Only a few so far, but more to come.
  • I’ve upgraded this rachelimsland.com site so that I can sell my art here. Most of my ceramics are currently on Etsy, but as those listings expire, I plan to migrate several pieces to this site. My paintings are also available for purchase here.

Happy Anniversary to me;)



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