new vase design 8.23.2018

I’m testing out a new vase design, and when I test, I always make more than one test;)

First I threw three cylinders on the pottery wheel.
Then I threw ten spouts,  even though I needed only three. It’s a good idea to make more than I need, just to be sure I have the choice of just the right shape for each vase.
Then I rolled out a slab and cut out three round tops.
Using a plastic fork, I trimmed the top of the cylinders and the bottom of the spouts at a slight angle.
Here are the vase pieces all lined up and ready to be put together. Cylinder, flat top, and spout.
First I added the spout to the top.
Then I combined the top with the cylinder, with an extra roll of clay added for better adhesion.
Here are all three vases formed up. Now they get put under plastic for several days so the different pieces of clay get to know each other.
Next step is trimming, to carve away the excess clay and refine the form.

These dried very slowly under plastic for a few weeks. They probably didn’t need that long to dry, but since I wasn’t using my home studio, it took longer to check on the drying status. I’ll post another pic of these after they survive the bisque and glaze firing.


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