Colorado art redux, 2018 6.28.2018

I just returned from my annual vacation in Denver, Colorado. The main reason I go is to visit both of my daughters. But there are plenty of great art museums to visit while I’m there, too. This time I toured the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art, which has been closed on my two previous visits to Denver. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Yellow by Mary Chenoweth, 1950s, oil on canvas with collage
Inlet by Ann Sink White, 1960s, oil on canvas
Wind Tonal Sculpture by Harry Bertoia, 1956, puddled bronze fabrication
Pesha by Jeff Wenzel, 2005, collage and acrylic on wood panel

The next two are by the artist who the museum is named after, Vance Kirkland. Part of the museum is his old studio, where he created a contraption from a system of straps hanging from the ceiling. He could climb into the straps and hover horizontally above canvasses while he painted. Wish I would’ve taken a picture of that!

Moonlight at Timberline by Vance Kirkland, 1951, oil on linen
Blue on Blue Green by Vance Kirkland, 1965, oil on linen

This wonderful museum is jam packed with over 30,000 works of “fine and decorative art” – so many that I need to go back next year for a second visit;)  Here’s a pic of yours truly in front of the new museum building.



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