art quote – Whyte 6.14.2018

“And there’s also this necessity in life and art to radically simplify,  to get back to innocence. You can get very developed as an artist. You can start impersonating yourself, and so everything you start doing becomes tedious to yourself and everyone else, even though it’s done at a great level of competency. Innocence is not something that should be replaced by experience.

If you look at the way real craftspeople work: they spend a third of their time preparing, a third of their time working, and a third of their time cleaning up. So the ‘doing part’ is just one portion of our lives, the harvest part. But it takes a lot to lay the groundwork properly—both in the outside world with material work and in yourself with an art form such as poetry, painting, sculpture or dance. You have to have this willingness to give yourself over to it and humiliate yourself in the ‘doing part.’ Then you start to understand, as you practice the art, where your nourishment is coming from, and eventually you feel the nourishment in every portion of the cycle, even the part at the beginning where you don’t know what you’re doing.”

David Whyte

From an interview with Lindy Alexander


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