finished paintings 4.19.2018

In my most recent post about painting, I promised an update when all the paintings were completed. I finished them a few weeks ago, but it’s taken me this long to sign each one and take photos and decide on titles. They’re small, I know, but they’re still good enough to hang on a wall. The framing and hanging is a whole different process. That’s in progress and I’ll post about that later.

I’m titling all of these “Untitled” and applying a different number to each piece. There are varying thoughts and opinions on titling one’s work, and I’ve decided to go with my gut on this one. These really are non-objective pieces, and by that I mean “representing or intended to represent no natural or actual object, figure, or scene.”  I didn’t paint these with an object or idea or feeling in mind. When I do paint a piece that I want to apply a title to, its easy, and I do. But titles do not apply to these pieces.

Here are the final works. As you can see, I photographed them all prior to signing them!







I’ve already started working on larger pieces, coming to this blog soon!


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