painting update 3.1.2018

My vow to paint more this year is holding true. Earlier this year, I wrote about wanting to paint more in this post. I seem to be able to sit down with my paints once a week, and I don’t think that’s quite enough. But once a week is a start! Here’s where I’m at after two months of painting.

This is what it looked like in January.
In early February, it looked like this.
Late February. 

Today I decided it was time to separate these small paintings. It was getting hard to look at and evaluate and critique each smaller painting by itself, and I also think they’re pretty close to being done. (As done as any painter can be with her work!)

In the midst of cutting apart.
This is one that I think is done, although I’ll play with the blue a bit more…
And this one is definitely complete.

These little works are about 7 x 5 inches. Some artists might use these as studies for larger paintings, which I may do. Mainly this was just to get myself back into opening the acrylic paint tubes and moving the brushes around. Other media I incorporated into these pieces include china marker, pencil, pen, neocolor, and oil pastel. I’ll post one more update on these when they’re all complete. And next painting, I intend to go bigger.


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