christine center 2.22.2018

Last weekend I attended my annual Goddess Retreat gathering at the Christine Center. Except for iffy traveling in February, which can be treacherous here in Wisconsin, it’s one of my favorite annual activities. My Goddess Retreat group meets each February for a few days, and it’s my chance to share and grow and love with a group of wonderful women – my matriarchal community who nurture and tend my heart and soul.

The Christine Center is a wonderful place to visit. It offers plenty of great programs including organized retreats, “plan your own” (which is what my Goddess Group does,) personal retreats, and sabbaticals. It’s currently run by a group of super awesome Franciscan Sisters. Many are nearing retirement and they’ve hired a new director, so changes are afoot, and I hope they retain the spirit and aura that the Center currently embodies. It sits on a beautifully quiet and calm piece of land out in the woods. Plus they serve some pretty terrific vegetarian food (although several of the cabins and hermitages include a kitchenette if you want to cook for yourself.)



These are three of the seven gorgeous windows from their chapel. The stained-glass windows were designed by Eau Claire, WI artist Laurie Biezi, and as I’ve been told, reflect the colors of the chakra. (Didn’t I tell you this place was cool?)


There are acres and acres of woods and trails to hike. I got lucky and my friend brought an extra pair of snowshoes! It’s a quiet, restful piece of land, which is so hard to find anymore.


There are also some pretty awesome sunrises and sunsets to behold.

If you’re looking for simplicity, silence, and sanctuary, I highly recommend the Christine Center. Plus, a group of goddesses will make it perfect;)


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