yoga challenge 1.4.2018

I’m participating in an online yoga challenge this month: yoga every day for 30 days. You can join in, too – the challenge started on the on January 2nd, so you’ve only missed two days! You can find more information and sign up here. It’s free! Since the challenge has already started you might not be able to join in, but you CAN sign up to be notified the next time it happens.

The teacher, Brian James, is terrific. He offers 4 different yoga sequences, or sessions, that vary in length from 15 to 30 minutes or so. Compared with other yoga classes I’ve taken, Brian’s is quite easy. But I enjoy his smooth, calm style, plus I love how he instructs me to match each movement with breathing in and out. It feels like a meditation of body and breath. SO nice! Plus plus, he offers instruction on breath practice and on meditation practice.

One of my goals when I first started writing this blog over three years ago was to try and start specific practices in my life, and at that time, yoga was a practice that had fallen to the wayside. Writing about it and tracking it on a calendar helped me make it a true practice once again. For the last three years, I’ve practiced pretty faithfully twice a week. I attend a class once a week at Main Street Yoga, and practice again at home by myself. Even when I travel away from home, I bring along my lightweight yoga mat or my yoga footies to practice. This month I’ll do the daily yoga with Brian’s online instruction videos, plus my usual twice-a-week more intense yoga.

Other yoga-related items of note:

  • For Christmas, I asked for, and received, the book Yoga for Healthy Aging. I’ve followed this community on Facebook for a couple years, and find their posts instructive and helpful. I’ve read a lot of the book already, and recommend it!
  • Recently I read about a study showing that yoga helps reduce falls for older people. I ain’t old YET, but I’m getting there, and yoga will help me age gracefully;) Plus there are plenty of studies about other benefits of yoga.
  • I also recently discovered Carol Robbins and her Alignment Rescue site, along with Katy Bowman and her Nutritious Movement site. Neither focus on yoga in particular, but rather on body movement and mechanics. Learning more about my body and how it works fits in perfectly with yoga!
  • And lastly, yoga with a pet is challenging. But Kitten is so soft and gentle, she’s like a light feather on me while I yogify;)

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