annual donating 12.28.2017

A percentage of all my ceramic sales is donated to charitable organizations. It’s important for me to give back to my community, and I do so by volunteering my time and money in my personal life, and by donating a percentage of all sales in my Rachel as Artist life.

  • 10% of everything I sell through Etsy and at local sales goes to Potters for Peace.
  • At local fundraisers, I donate up to 50% of sales – or actual ceramic work – to different charitable organizations.

Here are my total donations, in dollars, from my art sales for 2017:

Atwood Pantry: $50

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin: $141

Dane County Humane Society: $189

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services: $48

Potters for Peace: $121

Goodman Community Center: $20

It was a good year!


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