Colorado art redux, 2017, round 1 11.16.2017

Last month I made my annual trek To Denver, Colorado to visit my daughters Elly and Berit, and as usual, I visited the wonderful Denver Art Museum. These are just a few (I have so many!) of my favorite figurative pieces from the museum.

“Welcome Figure” by Kwakwaka’wakw, or Chief Johny Scow, about 1900 CE. This originally stood at the mouth of the Kingcome River in British Columbia. It once held a copper (a sign of wealth) in it’s upraised arms, signifying the wealth and power of the artist’s clan.
This is a bottle from the Paracas culture, in the Ica Valley of Peru, dated about 400-1000 BCE. It’s painted earthenware pottery.
This is a standing woman from the Nayarit area in Mexico, dated about 300 BCE-200 CE. Earthenware with colored slip.
This is a female figure in the Trujillo style, from Venezuela, dated about 1000-1500 CE. Earthenware with colored slip.
This is a female figure from the Chorrera culture in Ecuador, dated about 1200-100 BCE. Earthenware.
This is the Maize Goddess, made by the Aztec in Central Mexico, from about 1400-1519 CE. This is made from volcanic stone.

If you ever travel to Denver, I urge you to take the time to visit the Denver Art Museum. And set aside a good amount of time for it, because there is TONS of awesomeness to soak in!


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