overgrown succulents 11.2.2017

This summer, some of my succulents became so overgrown that they started to make their pots tip over. I decided it was time to re-pot and re-plant. The plant at the lower right was a wedding favor at my daughters wedding in September 2014, so that makes it 3 years old! I imagine the others are close to that age.


After a bit of research on the Interweb, I learned that when dividing and transplanting succulents, one should let the cut plants dry out for a few days before sticking them in dirt again. I cut off the gangly tops, and even divided those tops into a couple pieces. I laid the cut pieces on newspaper and set them aside for a week.


After one week, the stalks appeared dried out enough to replant. Here they are right after I replanted them.


You can see I replanted all the tops. I even replanted a few stalks that had no leaves at all, because I read that those, too, would re-root and grow new leaves.


This week, 2 months had passed since replanting day. There’s not a whole lot of new growth on top, but they all have a good number of roots and are much sturdier. Here’s what they look like now.


All the transplants appear to be growing and healthy EXCEPT the leafless stalks. Most of those died and withered away. You can see one at the lower right in this pot. I still have hope!


The plants in this pink pot are growing, but they’re very small and the root system for all seems quite fragile.IMG_5156

Upon closer look at the last leafless stalk surviving in this pot, I found that it’s growing leaves! Yayyyy!!


Here’s a pic with my transplants re-potted again, into my RESIST and naked lady planters. The jade in the middle wasn’t part of this transplant story, but it IS one that I grew from a big mama jade. Whenever she drops a leaf or I need to pinch her back, I always stick the leaf or stalk in dirt and have pretty good success growing jade babies.


I’ve got two art sales coming up in the next month, and am selling RESIST, naked lady, and cat planters. These baby succulents are perfect to stick into those planters!


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