3-year review 10.5.2017

This blog is 3 years old! Looking back over my posts, I find that I’ve never written an “annual review.” I did write an 18-month review.

When I started blogging 3 years ago, I wrote monthly reviews. I wanted those monthly check-ins to help keep me accountable and on track for following up on my intentions, which were to draw daily, practice yoga twice a week, and blog at least once a week. And I guess once I felt I was following through with those intentions, I decided to change this blog over to writing about Rachel as Artist, with a few Rachel as Gardener and Rachel as Traveler posts thrown in for good measure;)

Now, three years later:

  • I don’t draw every day, but I practice art in some form almost daily. There are rare days that I get too busy with the rest of life, and art gets pushed aside. But I consistently get back to drawing, painting, and ceramics. In my first post, I wrote that I wanted to start a habit of creating, and creating art has indeed become a wonderful habit and practice:)
  • I’m still practicing yoga twice a week – once at a weekly class with the wonderful Kristin Sage, and once at home. On the weeks I don’t make it to class, I practice that session at home, too.
  • I blog once a week, although I’ve skipped one week AND at one point, skipped weeks which turned into months when my life became so stressed that I had to drop the blogging.

It’s been a good three years.



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