unicorn cup – fin 9.7.2017

I wrote about the work-in-progress (wip) unicorn cups in this post. And at long last, they’re fin (the French and Spanish word for “end”, which I’ve seen used so often in foreign films, and I always like to use that term if I have the opportunity;) Here are pics of the finished pieces.



These were all test pieces, because I really didn’t know how they’d turn out:

  • I’d never used porcelain clay before. Porcelain didn’t seem as fussy to me as other ceramists make it out to be, but that could be due to the fact that I’m fussy in general. Or a better term would be “particular.” I am particular about a lot of things in life, and particularity, or “fullness or minuteness of detail in the treatment of something” is a good behavior to maintain in my art.
  • I’d never made handles like this before. They are basically little log rolls of clay and so easy to make and attach to the mug! I normally make mug handles by “pulling” the handle. You can see an example of pulling a handle here. My log-roll method was a snap compared to pulling, and I think they look great and feel good in my hands.
  • I was leery about how the black and blue underglaze would contrast with the white porcelain, as well as how the clear glaze would interact with the underglaze and porcelain combo. And what a beautiful interaction I got! I love the contrast of blue or black against the white porcelain clay. And the way the clear glaze made the blue or black underglaze run a little bit is marvelous. The black ran more than the blue, but both look great!


I am perfectly delighted with how these turned out. I’ll be making more!


2 thoughts on “unicorn cup – fin 9.7.2017

    1. Thanks Vicky! Yes, that is indeed the Midwest Clay Project studio clear glaze. Have you used other clear glazes you’re happy with?


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