one last santa fe post 7.20.2017

Just a few more things about Santa Fe. (I LOVED it there!)

The Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe is a great place to visit. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces there. I love the colors and the abstract designs.

Bandolier Bag, Seminole, circa 1830
Octopus Bag, Tlinglit, late 19th century

And here’s a picture of me standing next to a super cool organic-shaped sculpture just outside of the Wheelwright museum.

Anasazi, Allan Houser (Haozous), 1987, bronze

Here’s a treasure from the William Siegal Gallery in Santa Fe. (I don’t know how long the link to their website will be good, because there were signs in the gallery about it closing soon.) My favorite thing about this piece is the faded light blue glaze;)

Seated Dignitary, Campeche culture, Mexico, 250-900 CE

I learned a lot at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe. In O’Keefe’s painting you see in the next photo, she was in school at the University of Virginia, and beginning to experiment with simplifying forms, encouraged by Arthur Wesley Dow. Dow wrote a book titled Composition, which I plan to read. The Project Gutenberg has this available free as an eBook, if you’re interested in reading it too!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 1.46.36 PM
Georgia O’Keeffe, Untitled (Rotunda – University of Virginia) 1912-14

Next are images from The Harwood Museum of Art in Taos. The first two are poor quality, but really, NO photos of these paintings will every convey their beauty and power and total awesomeness. The Agnes Martin Gallery within the Harwood was a wonderful surprise. It’s an octagonal gallery space with seven large Martin paintings, which she painted when she lived in Taos. It is marvelous and fantastic! You MUST go if you ever get the chance! I left the museum with watery eyes of joy and happiness after seeing and experiencing this gallery and Martin’s work.


The Harwood has plenty of other yummy stuff that will delight your eyes. I think it was my favorite museum, even topping the Georgia O’Keefe Museum! And here’s one last photo of another piece at The Harwood, by Mimi Saltzman.


Art is: something I love.


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