porcelain vessel 6.1.2017

I bought my first bag of porcelain clay a couple months ago and have been hand-building a few pots at my home studio (which I’ve tentatively named Atelier Imsland;) ) Rumor has it the porcelain is “fussy” but I’ve had no problems with it… yet. Perhaps because I’m fussy about all my pots! Here’s my very first porcelain vessel.


I built it using the coil method. The spiral decoration on the side is also built with a coil of clay. After I attached the spiral to the side of the pot, I squeezed it into my desired shape. I wanted an organic feel to this piece, so left the top edge undulating and uneven.


I glazed it with Amoco Ice Celadon. It’s hard to see from these photos, but the pot has a faint light blue tinge to it.


Here’s a closeup of one of the spirals.


And here she is filled with Virginia Waterleaf. Some may consider this plant a weed, but the blooms are beautiful. And the honey bees and bumble bees LOVE the flowers. And the plants are easy to pull out if they’ve wandered too far in my garden.


Plus, they make this pot look even better! This one is a keeper!


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