another wire bowl 5.25.2017

Here’s my latest wire bowl, made with red clay and used kiln wire. This is the 4th bowl I’ve created in this style. It’s hand built from coils of red stoneware clay, then I push half-round pieces of used kiln wire into the clay before it dries. I leave the outside of the bowl unglazed.


You can see in this photo a bit of shine on the outside of the bowl, where in some places on the unglazed clay, nearby glaze toasts the raw clay – I guess the clay and glaze are drawn to each other;)


Here’s a view from the top. The inside has two coats of glaze – the first layer is matte blue, then a runny whitish-clear glaze over that. The reaction of these two glaze creates a stunning surface!


Here’s a close-up view of the inside. Blues and greens and craters and bumps. To me, it’s gorgeous!


And here’s an even closer view.


And just to give you an idea of size, I added a couple limes. They make a great color accent for the bowl!


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