art mystery books 4.13.2017

My friend loaned me a book last month titled The Vanishing Velasquez, written by Laura Cumming, an art critic. I loved the book, not only because it was about art and read rather like a mystery, but also because it got me curious about Diego Velasquez, who was born in 1599. The book is about a Velasquez painting of King Charles I, long-lost and long-thought to have been painted by another artist. It’s a reconstruction of the mystery surrounding the painting.

velasquezI read it fairly quickly because I found it hard to put down. Interested Madisonians, look for it in a Little Free Library, because I’m dropping it off soon!

I read The Goldfinch a few years ago, a fiction book about a non-fiction painting – also an art mystery.

I loved that book, too, and recently discovered a marvelous online interactive exhibit titled The Goldfinch, A Bird’s-Eye View, with lots of information about the painting itself, the painter Carel Fabritius, and historical facts. It’s got audio, animations, pop-up facts, and a video interview with Donna Tartt, author of the book. The interactive exhibit was created by Mauritshuis, an art museum in the Netherlands where the painting now lives. I encourage you to take the time to experience this online exhibit! It’s super cool!

I’ve added a widget to this blog with a list of books I’ve read or am currently reading, and each book links to Goodreads. Although I don’t review the books I add to Goodreads, I do rate them. If you’re subscribed to this blog and get it via email, you won’t see my Goodreads book list. But if you go to my WordPress blog site to read my posts, you’ll see the book list (it’s way at the bottom if you view my blog on WordPress on your phone.) Let me know if you have suggestions for other art mysteries to read. It just might be my new favorite reading genre!


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