MMOCA Docent – Official! 4.6.2017

I became an “official” docent at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art today, because I gave my first tour! My tour group included fourth-grade students from a local school, along with a couple parental unit chaperones. I’ve been super nervous about this for the past couple of weeks. I even thought about calling the museum’s education director to tell her I’d gotten it all wrong and that in fact I was NOT docent material. But I reminded myself to keep saying YES.  And I participated in plenty of self talk, where the logical, rational, wise crone Rachel counseled the insecure, introverted, emotional Rachel.

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This is me wearing my official MMOCA name tag. I’m standing in front of a gorgeous photograph by Cecelia Condit, titled “Castle.” This photo was taken after my tour was over, and I know I’m feeling relieved! Can you see that on my face?

My tour focused on two of MMOCA’s current exhibits. The first was Young at Art, which the museum puts up every other year. MMOCA asks all Madison public school teachers to submit up to three student works, and the museum curator selects the final pieces. Of course, my student group loved this show, and were as amazed as I am with the talent of these young artists. It’s a great exhibit, and for you locals, it’s up through April 23rd, so you have a couple more weeks to get to MMOCA to see it!

The other exhibit we toured was Do Ho Suh. I posted a pic from this exhibit on Instagram last month. The 4th graders and I spent about 20-plus minutes looking at and discussing Do Ho Suh’s drawings, thread drawings, rubbings, watercolors, sculpture and video. How he created them, why he created them, and our own thoughts of what “home” and “homesick” means. I could tell that at least a couple students were quite inspired, and planned to create their own art when they got back home. This installation is MARvelous – GO SEE IT if you get a chance! It’s up through May 14th.

I give another tour in a couple of weeks, also to grade school students. I expect to feel less nervous once I get through a handful of tours. I asked my co-tour docent friend to take a photo of me, and she took three, and as usual, my eyes remained closed in two of them;) So for your amusement – and mine – and in order to get an even better view of the Condit photo, here I am, shut eyed;)

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