blue-striped vase 3.30.2017

This is a recent vase I made. It’s slab-built, meaning I rolled out flat slabs of clay, cut the front and back and bottom out from a paper pattern I’d made, pieced the clay pieces together, then added the top curved rectangle shape to the vase opening.

Attachment-1 (10)

Before I started applying glaze to the vase, I taped off the top curved rectangle, then dunked the entire vase in a blue-toned glaze. Next, holding the vase upsidedown, I quickly dipped it almost all the way up to the bottom in matte white, let that dry, then dipped again a little less deep, and again and again until I had only the top opening left. I removed the tape and applied only matte white to the top.

Attachment-1 (11)

During the glaze firing, a mysterious crescent-moon shape appeared in exactly the same place on the front and the back of the vase. It wasn’t there when I glazed it, but it was a lucky accident, because this vase turned out to be a beauty!

Attachment-1 (12)

Also, I was looking over my blog posts and see that today this blog is 30 months old! Or two and a half years. Happy Anniversary to me and my blog!


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