spring rust pickings 3.9.2017

Wisconsin is beginning to experience spring-like weather, which means the street cleaners are out, brushing and sucking and cleaning up garbage, debris, and treasures from the streets. For the past few months, snow covered the streets and curbs, and the street melange added up over that time, hidden from view. Now that the warmer temps have melted the snow and ice, I’ve discovered some fine rust pieces on the street, and lucky for me I found them before the street cleaners did! Here’s a pic of what I found.


Screws, washers, a saw blade, bottle cap, picture hanger, a big piece of rust from a vehicle, and some unidentifiable beauties. Along with these fine rust pieces, I discovered a beautiful little triangle piece of blue glass!

Here are close-up shots of my two favorite rust finds.

I know this is a bottle cap, but I can’t tell what the writing or image is. I love how the red coloring plays off the rust color.
I’m not sure what this is – but the edges are folded over so perhaps its a lid of some kind. And just look at the colors in this piece! Striking and gorgeous!

Sometimes I feel a little like Pippi Longstocking when I take walks, always keeping an eye out for useful and beautiful treasures. Pippi is a story book character I admired as a young girl. Pippi was unconventional, sassy, strong, unpredictable, and independent.  Plus, she was a “thing-finder”, discovering things on her adventures that most might consider junk, but Pippi could see them as useful objects.

In my case, the things I find often end up in my art. Be on the lookout for more clay and rust! And perhaps clay and a beautiful blue triangle 🙂


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