ceramics table 3.2.2017

I bought a used ceramics table this winter. It’s been sitting in my garage until last week. It came with a peg-board back that made it too unwieldy to carry up to the second floor, so that back had to be removed temporarily. But due to the cold Wisco winters, neither me or my husband could get the frozen screws out. The unusually warm weather Wisconsin experienced a couple weeks ago gave us a chance to loosen the frozen screws. Because my rotator cuff injury is still healing, I asked my son to come over and help my husband move the table. First they carried it in from the garage and through the first floor.


Then up the stairs. (love the color in this next pic!)


And finally to the second floor studio.


This weekend, my husband reattached the peg-board back.


And here I am with my new (used) ceramics table!


Can you sense my excitement? As I was thinking about this post, I remembered that one of my life dreams was to have a ceramics studio in my home. I’ve had a very specific picture of this studio tucked away in my brain for many years. It’s me in a room in a big old white house. The room/studio is a step up from the rest of the rooms on that floor, and filled on 3 sides with windows – very bright and light and airy. There’s a pottery wheel and shelves filled my ceramic pieces. And me, content, smiling, with gray hair.

Although I don’t have a pottery wheel (maybe some day), and my studio isn’t filled with windows and shelves (it’s a bit dark and closed in), and my hair isn’t gray (I’ve got just a touch of gray) – I DO have a big old white house and a ceramics studio. With running water and a sink! I’m pretty darn content and happy, too. Now for tools. Anyone have some used pottery tools you want to donate or sell? 😉


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