changes 1.26.2017

I’ve decided to close up my shop at Big Cartel and open up an Etsy shop. Last March, I purchased my domain and used that at Big Cartel, a site where you can setup your own online store. Big Cartel was easy to use, and my web store looked great! I did sell some, but all to family and friends (Thank you family and friends!)

I hoped that by posting pics on Instagram, sometimes on Facebook, and posting weekly on this blog, more people might learn about my work and want to buy it. It was an experiment that I wanted to try for one year. And it didn’t work out as I hoped, so I’m going to try a new venue!

An Etsy shop is less expensive than a shop at Big Cartel, so I’ll save money. Also, I might get a little more exposure on Etsy because people go there just to browse sometimes, and I’ll have more luck with someone finding my work there than at my ‘solo artist’ shop at Big Cartel. Plus, I can post more items at Etsy. At Big Cartel, I was limited to 25 items, unless I wanted to pay a higher monthly fee.

I’m slowly moving items over to the new Etsy shop. My old shop will be “open” until March, and meantime, I’m updating all my social media links to reflect the new shop.

Here’s a pic of my Etsy shop as seen from a smartphone. Stop by and take a look!



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