clay&rust series 11.10.2016

I’ve got my clay&rust series just about completed. The glue is drying on my second-to-the-last vase, so I expect to be finished tomorrow. The series consists of 12 pieces, all vases.

I waited until I had all the vases glazed and fired, then laid them out on a table to “try on” the pieces of rust.


After trying super glue and a hot glue gun, neither of which worked, I settled on using silicone to attach the rust – the kind of clear silicone one might use to caulk their tub or windows. Because it takes awhile to dry, I used c-clamps to press the rust tightly to the ceramic vase while the silicone dried. Tighten the clamps too loose, they slowly work themselves off. Attach them too tight, the ceramic cracks. I placed each vase on a pile of blankets, giving it a soft cushion so the clamps didn’t slide off, while the silicone dried.


Here’s one of the completed pieces.


And here’s a shot of several of the taller pieces.

I liked completing a series for this project. I think it helped focus me instead of trying out a new idea on each ceramic piece. Now I get to decide what series I’ll work on next!


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