colorado vacay 9.15.2016

I spent a couple weeks in Colorado recently. I’ve been back home sweet home for a week now. Both of my daughters, Elly and Berit, live in Denver. Both in a groovy neighborhood that has everything one could ask for, the highlights from this Wisco Woman being NO mosquitoes and NO humidity. My daughters and I love to camp, so they took care of all the camping details (Elly even made 4 mixed tapes of all our favorite traveling songs!) and we took off on a Sunday morning for the Rocky Mountains. Although these photos don’t compare to what my eyes sent to my brain, here are a few pics to wet your whistles for Colorado!

At the Continental Divide, Cottonwood Pass.
Berit, Elly and I atop the pass.
Our campsite. Totally and completely f*&#ing AWEsome!


Me and Emerald Lake. There was a canoe there, but no paddle. So when you visit, remember to take a paddle. The road there is treacherous, and my daughters have excellent driving skills, so we got there and back safely! The flowers below grew around Emerald Lake.
Sunset from 100 steps away from our campsite. (Can you tell we camped up near the treeline?) Both nights, the sunset was SPECtacular! And the stars? Don’t get me started….
My daughters snacking on apples at Judd Falls.
Me and Berit at Lost Lake.

I think we drove through 6 mountain passes altogether, and every time I thought I’d seen the most beautiful and amazing sight, I’d see another even better. Colorado is BEEEEEautiful, and sharing that beauty with Elly and Berit made it all the better. Next blog, art I found in Denver.


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