painter of clay 7.21.2016

This is a vase… or a wooden spoon holder… or a paintbrush keeper… that I made at the Adamah workshop a couple months ago.It measures, in inches, 6.5 high by 8 wide by 3 deep. It’s hand built from a slab of clay, and I left the seam of clay, near the left side of the vase, visible. Sometimes I like the raw, exposed clay edge. It gives the piece a more rough or unrefined feel.

This piece sat on the shelf for several weeks while I thought about which glaze to use. I originally thought I’d add a piece from my rust collection to the front, but decided to go with a more painterly approach. I dipped the whole pot in a matte white glaze, then rubbed most of that glaze off of the front center, and used colored underglazes as paints for my painting.


I know of a few potters, whose work I absolutely love, that use what I would call a painterly technique to decorate their ceramics. In particular, a painterly technique that is abstract, or nonobjective. Kind of gritty and lush and messy and raw and beautiful and primitive all at the same time.  Sam Hall uses this approach. Robin Welch does as well. And so does Craig Underhill.  Plus, the last two are also painters! If any of you know of female artists with similar work, please let me know!

Here’s a view from the top.


I plan to explore this technique further. It’s a wonderful combination of my two favorite art media – paint and clay!



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