new painting 6.28.2016

Here’s my latest painting – a painting from a photograph of my love and I taken in the summer of 2012. Acrylic on stretched canvas, it measures 20 inches wide by 16 high. Originally I attempted to freehand draw our faces, but became frustrated with not being able to get the face detail proportions correct. So I printed out an enlarged black and white copy, marked out a grid on that copy, then transferred the outlines of the faces, using pencil, onto a larger grid on the canvas. As I painted, I referred to the photo saved on my computer for color.


Green is the color of love – the color of the heart chakra – and that’s how I chose the background color. I love my love and he loves me.

I’ve never had much talent for realistic drawing or painting, and here’s even more proof of that! But that doesn’t make me any less talented as an artist. I love the abstract quality this painting has. It almost looks like a paint-by-number painting:)


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