ceramics workshop 6.1.2016

This week I’m at a ceramics workshop in rural Wisconsin, near Dodgeville, at Adamah Clay Studios. The instructor is Linda Christianson, from Minnesota, and there are 7 other women attending. One of the main reasons I chose this particular workshop is that the instructor is female. Although it seems to me that most potters and ceramic artists are female, most of the instructors are male. I have no data to support this claim, so I admit it could be false. I do think it’s important, for ME, to include an equal or greater number of female instructors and mentors in my life.

It’s been wonderful to be out in the country, in rural Wisconsin, with no jets flying loudly over my home several times a day, no constant neighborhood dog barking and yipping, no noise of cars and motors, no rooftops as my horizon vista. Instead, I get to spend my days listening to a symphony of insects and birds, fall asleep to the sweet call of the whippoorill, let my eyes wander over fields of thistle, dames rocket, clover, and fleabane, with the occasional bright yellow and orange flash of goldfinches and baltimore orioles.  I went for a walk in the woods and spotted a swallowtail butterfly, wild turkeys, beautiful old cedars, spittlebug spit, beautiful moss and lichen. I’d absolutely love this color and texture on my ceramics!


And I get to see this view anytime I want. It’s a feast for my eyes!


Here are a couple twilight views of the studio where we work:


night studio

And one of the few pieces I might keep:


The actual workshop has mostly been experimenting and learning new techniques and ideas from all the women. I’m trying to not get attached to any one piece – to not think a piece is too good or precious – to just play with clay instead of focusing on an end product. It’s been a wonderful change of pace, change of scenery, and I hope to bring new ideas to my studio work.


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