flop 5.19.2016

Blog posts shouldn’t all be about successes. This one is about an UNsuccessful ceramic piece. It began it’s journey to flopdom when I made it on the wheel several weeks ago. As you can see, this little vase is misshapen, but I liked the imperfections when I first made it. Then it came time to glaze. I’d made a test glaze tile with the glaze combo I used on this vase, and liked the result. But this time the result is darn ugly.


Could be because I used a different type of clay this time. In fact that’s what probably caused it. I have two types of new clay – one is a red stoneware and the other is a lighter colored buff ochre. Lesson learned. I need to make lots of little tiles of clay and test each glaze I want to use first, before I ruin a piece I want to keep. Patience, patience.


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