coffee-sipping mug 2.15.2016

Mugs – as in coffee – are my favorite thing to make at the ceramics studio lately. I’m having fun coming up with designs – different shapes, different colors, different handles. I’ve got a few of these mugs in the works, designed with a circle within a rounded rectangular shape. On this particular mug, I used yellow terra sigillata (ultra-refined slip) over white slip in the center circle, surrounded by a rectangle shape of blue slip, then I painted the rest of the outside in a matte black glaze. (“Slip” is basically watered-down clay with color added, and there’s no gloss to it.) On the inside and the rim, I used a gloss black glaze. And I added a big spot of blue slip to the handle thumb rest.  I wanted an UNglossy, matte surface on this piece, and it turned out beautiful. It’s the perfect hot chocolate, or tea, or coffee-sipping mug!



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