Rachel as Gardener 5.20.2015

It’s the middle of May, which means I’m completely immersed in gardening. I try to stop and it’s hard to not pull another weed or plant another baby or water a dry friend. Since I haven’t been creating much visual art, I like to think that in this slice of my delicious life pie, I am Rachel as Gardener. Gardening is a form of art to me, figuring out where a plant grows best, or what it might look good growing next to.

I have a fairly shady yard, with lots of perennials. My paths are grass, as is my small front yard. Each year I dig up a little more grass and plant more perennials. I divide the perennials I already have and replant them, plus I purchase new plants or find free plants on the curb to add to my garden palette.

I get a little crazy about this time of year because the plants and weeds grow so quickly and get out of control. I remind myself to breathe deeply and do one thing at a time and that the exponential growth will slow down in a month or two. I take a break and lean on my shovel and take in the garden’s beauty. Here are two photos of my perennial garden.


Last year I added a brick raised bed vegetable garden in the sunniest spot of my yard. This year I added a second raised bed that my dear husband helped me make out of old barn wood. Plus, I have 2 blueberry bushes, a small asparagus patch, and this year dug up some raspberry plants that were growing here and there in my garden and transferred them to a central location as my new raspberry patch. I planted a dwarf pear tree in my front yard this spring, too. Here’s a photo of my raised bed vegetable gardens. The tall blue structure is my tomato cage.


Today I planted brussel sprouts, collards, and sweet italian peppers. Still to tuck in are tomatoes and two types of kale. A volunteer summer squash is growing, as well.

“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together,” wrote John Ruskin. Gardening is most definitely an art.


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