a practice 2.23.2015

I continue to practice several things that I think I can start calling “habits.” For almost five months now, I’ve sketched or painted every day. I’ve exercised every day. I’ve practiced yoga and completed sets of squats twice a week. I feel like these are turning into habits because most of the time, I just DO them without thinking or planning for them. Sure, there are days when I fight to find a couple hours to fit these practices into the day, but lately, I feel like they are simply part of my day. Last fall, when I started keeping track, I focused on setting aside time to work on these practices, whether I wanted to or not. And sometimes I didn’t want to. Or I didn’t feel “inspired” (which still happens, but I go ahead and DO THE WORK. I’ll discuss this issue in a future post.) Or I felt rushed and out of time. But I feel a pattern has begun to imbed in my bones and soul. A rehearsing. A habit. A practice.



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