february intentions 2.2.2015

My January intentions were to keep it simple and basic:

1. Draw every day. Done. “Draw” includes sketching and painting.

2. Exercise every day. Done. Airports are a fine place to walk! And in beautiful Portland, Oregon, I could walk and walk and walk and…

3. Yoga twice a week. I didn’t meet this goal every week. I was on the road for a couple weeks and took my travel yoga mat with me, but two of the weeks I practiced only once.

4. Participate in Feeder Watch. Missed two of these weeks as well, due to being on the road.

I feel like I got a bit out of synch with the two weeks of traveling, although I did make a fine effort and am satisfied with what I accomplished. My mind has been fretting about and occupied with my son, and although art and exercise and yoga help take my mind AWAY from my fretting and worrying, I feel scattered and apprehensive and not able – no, able is not the right word. I am not disciplined enough to focus on art. My February intentions include the usual of daily drawing and exercising and twice a week yoga and bird-watching, plus I plan to return to one of my December intentions that I didn’t accomplish: finish reading The Artists Way.

Here’s a watercolor, inspired by one of Christian Richter’s photographs.



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