back home 1.27.2015

I’ve been home for 3 days, after being away for 10. I didn’t draw every single day while on the road, but am pleased with what I did accomplish. I took pencils, colored pencils, paper, and my small watercolor set, and sat down (almost) each day to draw or paint. Drawing and painting helped me have a zen, no-thinking mind, which helped me get through my stressful days away. I also took my travel yoga mat and practiced yoga, my other monkey-brain quieting tool.

And now I’m back home, sweet home, in my familiar studio filled with art supplies. This is a detail of a painting I started years ago, each year adding just a little paint to the canvas. My intention is to finally finish it and move on. To hang this painting up on the wall instead of shoving it back under the table amongst the stack of canvases. I’ll show you the finished piece in February.



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