hearts and love 1.16.2015

I try to post each Monday, but I’m on the road in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and I’m a little discombobulated. Better late than never!

My heart is full of love. And it’s the result of a health scare in my family – bad shit creates great love. Huh. Seems like a contradiction, but I’m not going to analyze it just now. My family and I are receiving lots of love and light. It is overflowing and at times I don’t know what to DO with it all. It breaks me down into a sobbing mess. As my friend tells me, “This outpouring of humanity creates a feeling that will stick with you forever. Truly.”

And so I continue to return to the heart motif. Out of love I feel inside and love I’m giving and love I’m receiving and love coursing through this great old earth we live on. Thank you all. Namaste.



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