january intentions 1.5.2015

It’s been a roller coaster of a month. I’m pleased to say that I followed through with my intentions, because I could have easily dropped one or more of these activities between family visiting from out of town, holiday events, and one of my children injured seriously with a long road of healing and rehab ahead. My December intentions and review were:

1. Draw every day. Done. I used a variety of media: pencil, oil pastel, colored pencil, watercolor, pen, and charcoal.

2. Continue with my twice-weekly yoga and daily exercise practice. I kept up with these except for one week when I practiced yoga only once.

3. Finish reading and completing the tasks in The Artist’s Way. I didn’t even open up this book! This will be postponed until I have more time.

4. Participate in Feeder Watch. Done.

This month of January I will keep it to the basics – drawing and exercise every day, with yoga twice a week. And watching birds.  These activities are excellent therapy for my heart and soul. And I know for certain that my child would want me to especially continue my daily drawing practice and my yoga practice.

I got a Koi Water Color Pocket Field Sketch Box with 24 colors for Christmas from my sweet husband, and here’s a picture of the first water color painting I’ve created in a long while. I think it turned out pretty good! With this and all other pictures I post, if you click on the picture, you can view it at a larger size.



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