keeping track 12.15.2014

I mentioned in an earlier post that I use a calendar to keep track of my daily and monthly intentions and goals and progress. The calendar is nothing fancy. At the end of each year, calendars from a variety of non profits that my husband and I donate money to arrive in the mailbox. The calendar you see below is from the National Wildlife Federation. For me, it’s nice to see a whole month-at-a-glance and flip back to previous months for reference. Also, spending 25 years in front of a computer for 8 hours a day was way too much screen time, and actual paper feels like a treasure to me right now.

As James Clear writes in his article The Myth of Creative Inspiration, “If you’re serious about creating something compelling, you need to stop waiting for motivation and inspiration to strike you and simply set a schedule for doing work on a consistent basis.”

If I don’t use a calendar to record by progress, it’s easy for me to ask and think to myself something like this: “…did I draw yesterday? Hmmmm. I can’t remember if it was yesterday or the day before. I think it was yesterday. Good. That’s recent enough. And since I don’t have time today, I’ll postpone drawing until tomorrow… then I have time for….”

Here’s a photo of this month – the December 2014 calendar. My monthly intentions are listed at the top, and each day I add what I’ve accomplished for the day in terms of art, exercise and volunteer obligations. Drawing is my #1 priority. (This calendar does not include the love and time and energy I spend on my husband, my children, my pets and my home. But those are easy for me to tend to.) Between my calendar, this blog, my urge and dedication, and support from my family and friends, my path to becoming the artist I wanna be is a stroll down the yellow brick road!



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