december intentions 12.1.14

I’ve decided to join my monthly review and intentions into one blog post rather than two separate posts. My November intentions and review of said intentions are:

1. Draw every day. Done. This is my top priority on my “to-do list” each day. On those days that I painted, I also drew.

2. Continue with my twice-weekly yoga and daily exercise practice. Done. This is my second to-do priority. I also met with Kristin from Sage Yoga. She analyzed my movements and stretches, and gave me suggestions and pointers for better alignment and balance.

3. Read “The Drawing Mind” by Deborah Putnoi. Done. This book has great ideas for freeing my mind about how a drawing should or shouldn’t look, and helps me “play” with drawing. I will keep it on my shelf and use as a reference.

4. Participate in “Blogging 101” offered by WordPress. Done. Although I checked in every weekday as a “student,” I did not work on every assignment. I selected only those that applied to my blog and those I might learn from. I better understand the functionality of WordPress, which was my goal for this class.

My December intentions are to:

1. Draw every day.

2. Continue with my twice-weekly yoga and daily exercise practice.

3. Finish reading and completing the tasks in The Artist’s Way. I started this book over a year ago, after it sat on my shelf for decades. But I only got through week 7, I think in part due to the fact that I kept feeling like I was supposed to be applying the readings to writing rather than visual art. But I want to finish the book.

4. Participate in Feeder Watch. I started this last month. I watch birds at my bird feeder for two consecutive days each week, counting the highest numbers of all species and reporting those numbers online. It’s a bit of phenology, watching and reporting the weather conditions and birds.

Here’s a drawing based on a photo I took of a pan that I’d roasted four beets on. It was a beautiful, bountiful, beety conglomeration of red and pink!



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