trees in snow 11.24.2014

The first early winter measurable amount of snow is falling in my little part of the world this evening, with a forecasted total amount of up to 5 inches. This afternoon I sketched this drawing from a photograph I took several years ago, on one of hundreds of hikes I’ve taken through the woods, of two trees loving each other. The photo was taken during the summer, but the ground of blue I added gives it more of a winter ‘feel.’ Or should I say ‘look?’ (Also, I think the trees look a little like ungulate legs.) It often surprises me when I complete a drawing, as it does with this one, that it actually looks like trees in winter snow and sunlight. Because when I draw, I focus on the small shapes and shadows, and it doesn’t feel like I am “drawing” – in this case, tree trunks or snow or light. But then I get near the end of drawing and it all comes together and I say to myself Hey! What? Trees in snow!



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