painting 11.22.2014

I’ve completed a painting. At least I think it’s complete. I can’t think of a time I’ve NOT wanted to make minor adjustments to my pieces. My last painting was completed two years ago, so I’m darn happy that I am back at it! Here’s a collection of four photos I took while I progressed on the latest painting.


I struggle with naming a painting. Don’t think I ever have. It doesn’t make logical sense to me to give a painting a name. I prefer to just look at the painting and enjoy the looking, and hope others enjoy looking as well. I don’t want to imply any meaning in or to a piece for someone else by assigning a name. I want the viewer to let their eye wander and to let their own thoughts come into their head as they look. I’ve talked with other artists who say that naming a painting (or any artwork, for that matter) helps the viewer. They say that if a viewer has no idea what the painting “means,” a name will give that viewer a hand to hold, or something to hang on to, while they look at it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether or not to give artwork a name! Here’s the final (I think – I still need to sign it) piece.



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