shape and shadow 11.18.2014

I’m still sketching every day. Or drawing. Or coloring. At any rate, I’m adding lines and color to paper every day. I’ve started a painting developed from one of my drawings. I use acrylic paint. Perhaps one day I’ll try out oil, but for now I am staying in my comfort zone of acrylic. I thought that once I started painting, I’d stop sketching. But I enjoy trying new ideas out at a small size. And I like the fact that I can spend as short as 15 minutes playing on paper, although it’s usually longer. Drawing continues to develop my eye-hand control and coordination, and really let’s me PLAY – I can do anything I want without fear of ‘wasting’ canvas or paint. This drawing was created with charcoal. It’s a drawing of a jade plant without leaves, and looks sorta sci-fi-like. I like the shape and shadows.



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