first post 9.30.14

Well, here goes. Trying to keep myself honest here. Trying to start a habit of creating. Trying to live a dream or a thought or an idea that I’ve always felt but rarely bring to conscious action. I want to set monthly intentions in this blog, and review those intentions at the end of each month. I want to display my art here. I want to hold myself accountable for doing both of these. It’s the last day of September, 2014. My intentions for next month are:

1. Draw every day. I plan to participate in Tara Leaver’s “31 days of playful drawing.” And to post my drawings on Instagram with the hashtag #31playfuldays.  This is my plan to kick-start a habit of daily drawing.

2. Practice yoga at least twice a week. I’ve gotten out of the habit, so am re-setting that goal of practice here.

3. Post on this blog at least once a week. I’d like to post more often, but want to start with baby steps so I have a better chance of succeeding.

Feel free to help keep me honest. Feel free to ask me if I am following my intentions. Feel free to discuss these ideas with me. YOU will help keep me honest and keep me following my path and even keep me questioning my path. All good things. I thank you  in advance for doing so.


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